Why There is a Need for Audio Transcription

Many services within business today are regularly outsourced to cut both costs and management time. However, some tasks still remain as an outsourced service, not to cut costs, but to make use of a specialised skill that isn’t an available resource in house. Audio transcription services are amongst one of these specialised services, although the importance of this is still often misunderstood and underrated.

Audio transcription services have many other benefits to a business which are over and above the standard audio to hard copy transcribes. This utilisation is becoming increasingly prevalent in this digital age, where web presence and online traffic are becoming an ever-important way of increasing your company’s virtual presence.

However, standard audio to hard copy services still remain an important service for businesses or other professionals, as preparing business reports or academic journals from audio files can be a time consuming and frustrating job. Passing this task over to a professional service provider will ensure total accuracy and efficiency in producing the end product. Many providers will also be proficient in regularly dealing with large scale transcription requests, and tight turnarounds for many industries, so are adept at project managing the differing aspects of the task and the industry specific terminology which may be included in the audio files.

Web based audio transcription services are often helpful to provide the end user with the option of browsing through standard scripted pages rather than having to listen or watch an audio or video file. There may be varying reasons for this including distracting background noises or a preference for written material. Hearing or sight problems are another main reason why audio transcription services are important in a web-based presence, as by providing this we are taking a huge step forward in the accessibility of online content for any users with disabilities.

Having a script available also provides an opportunity to easily search in the content for certain topics or jump to specific sections of the transcription without the need to stop and start audio playbacks or fast track through video content to find the desired sections. It also makes the content easier to de-digitalise and print hard copy if required. Any audio which contains strong accents or varying languages is often more easily digested by the end user if they have written material as an accompaniment, to remove the frustration of not being easily able to follow and understand the audio content.

A final advantage of utilising audio transcription in your virtual web presence is to improve search engine results. By transcribing audio to text on your webpages this can help your website rank higher in search results, which in turn will increase the number of your visits to your site. Once people have clicked through to your site, they are also more likely to spend longer browsing if you have any audio files transcribed to text.

It is simply important to remember that no matter how fabulous the audio for video content maybe, it is a good recommendation to always provide the user with a scripted alternative so as not to discriminate against user’s needs or requirements. This will help ensure your audio or video work is heard, watched or read by the widest audience possible.

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