Why Live In Care is More Important Than Ever

Working as a Live in Carer in Essex

A live in carer is truly invaluable to those who need help to live independently in their own homes. Here’s how you could make a difference to someone’s life.

In these difficult times, it’s vital that those who need it – whether they are struggling with dementia, recovering from an injury or suffering from a chronic illness – get the support that they need. Live in care has provided a lifeline to those people. Here’s why it’s so important, and where you can find the best live in care jobs in Essex if you want to lend a hand.

The impact of COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak has been an incredibly stressful and scary time, particularly for those who are particularly vulnerable. However, the cruelty of COVID-19 is that it thrives on close social contact. So it’s not as easy for friends and relatives to visit a vulnerable person and give them the support they need. In addition to that, some people may have had to stop visiting altogether if they themselves have had to undertake ‘shielding’. This is where you can step in to help.

Services are on hold

While some of the Government’s lockdown restrictions are being lifted, many of the support networks that vulnerable people relied on have ground to a halt. Social clubs aren’t being held any more, and services that helped unpaid carers to access reprieves have been put on hold too. That’s where live in carers come in. They provide two services – company and emotional support for a vulnerable individual, and catering to their physical needs too.

Help someone to remain independent

A great live in carer can help a vulnerable person to maintain their freedom and independence in these challenging times. What with all of the concern surrounding care homes and the spread of COVID-19, many people feel much safer and more relaxed in their own homes. Your dedicated care will allow someone to remain in their own home and enjoy all of the freedom, comfort and reassurance that that familiar environment brings them.

A rewarding career

It goes without saying that working as a live in carer can be a job with its challenges, but it is also one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have. You will really get to make a difference to someone’s life when they need it the most, and you’ll give their family and friends peace of mind too. It’s a job that’s suited to those who have a passion for helping other people, and those who can think on their feet and deal with unexpected scenarios too. Enjoying a chat and a cuppa helps too!

Work with the best agency

If you are thinking of becoming a live in carer, then it’s important that you apply to one of the best agencies in the field. Fambridge Care have made a name for themselves as one of the best live in care providers in Essex. Not only are they trusted by clients all over the county, but they are held in high regard by their carers too. They will ensure that you are provided with everything that you need to carry out your job safely, and will give ongoing support.

Find out more today

Now that you have seen just how much of a difference outstanding live in care can make, why not enquire today? You could make such a positive impact on someone’s life, and make memories that you will be able to look back on with pride.

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