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The 5 Vital Components of A Successful Event

Wow Guests With Your Next Party

When it comes to planning an event, all you need to do is remember five simple rules and you’re all set.

Are you planning an event this year? Then you’ll want to make sure that it’s a resounding success! If you look online for guidance, you’ll find lots of articles that offer conflicting, often complicated advice. So to give you a helping hand, we’ve listed five components that make an event a success. Whether you are launching a new product or celebrating a company milestone, these five rules of success will see you throwing a bash that your guests will be talking about for years to come.

The venue

The first thing to think about when planning an event is the location. You’ll need to be mindful of where your guests are travelling from, so don’t choose somewhere that’s too out of town. Also, choose a venue that’s suitable. The bigger the occasion, the grander the venue is a good rule of thumb. Oh, and be sure to think about your party theme and how the venue will work with that.

Coffee stands for business

Rent a coffee bar

A coffee bar rental is a great way to bring something a little different to your event – and standing out from the crowd is what is going to get your party noticed. Trained baristas will be able to create your favourite coffee shop beverages with ease, and you’ll have the option of these being served in branded cups for maximum impact.

Time it right

Timing is key when you’re planning an event. For a product launch, you should throw the event on the same day or at the most a couple before. This will ensure that you can maintain the interest that your event will generate. If you’re commemorating something like, say, a company anniversary, you can be a little more flexible.

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You need to keep your guests entertained, otherwise all the hard work you have put into planning your event would have been a waste. Live music is always a good option, but a DJ will get everyone up and dancing too. Poker tables and other party games will get people mingling, and you could even go for something a little out there like a burlesque dancing troupe!

Build some hype

Last but not least, don’t forget to build buzz for your event, or you could be faced with an empty venue. Social media is ideal for this, as you can invite, update and engage people all on the same platform. Sending out an email newsletter is a good idea too. Remember, marketing your event doesn’t end when the party is over either. Continuing to promote it afterwards will help you maintain interest – so always send gifts or a follow up email!

Enjoy your incredible event

When all that it takes to throw an excellent event is to follow five simple steps, there’s no reason why you can’t make yours a success. Including something novel like a coffee bar in your plans will ensure that you and your company go that little bit further than your rivals, and generate lots of interest from those on your guest list. So start to write out those invitations, because you’re about to host the event of the year!


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