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Take your team building outdoors this summer

Enjoy the warmer weather with outdoor team building events

Outdoor team building activities offer a fun, informal way to improve communication, increase productivity, motivate employees and build team spirit.

Summer is here, the weather is heating up, and the days are getting longer, so why not take advantage of the warmer weather and escape the office with an outdoor team building activity?

Why go outdoors?

The benefits of team building activities are well documented; when done well they can help to motivate and encourage employees, improve communication, increase productivity and build that all-important team spirit. Choosing an activity that takes place outdoors offers even greater advantages – as well as providing a complete change of scene and atmosphere, spending time outdoors also has a positive impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing.

If you’re convinced by the benefits of taking your team building outdoors, there are plenty of great options out there, no matter your budget, or the size and make up of your team.

Garden games

Treat your employees to some good old-fashioned fun of the more genteel variety with a team building event that is centred around traditional garden games. Employees are split into teams and compete head to head in a series of quintessential garden games, which can include activities as diverse as croquet, boules, giant Jenga, and even a coconut shy! This type of event can be really effective at encouraging gentle competition in a fun, relaxed environment.

City treasure hunt

Outdoor team building doesn’t have to mean getting out of the city. Zing Events team building company offer a GPS treasure hunt adventure that enables you to explore your city from a new angle. Using iPads, teams compete against each other to navigate a series of clues, answer interactive questions and complete challenges in a specific location. It’s a great way of encouraging people to work together and think creatively – and variations such as ‘Spy School’ and ‘Pub Explorer’ offer an extra element of fun.

Company picnic

A company picnic or BBQ can be a great way of boosting morale and encouraging employees to get to know each other in a more informal setting. Simply head to a nearby park or beach with plenty of food and refreshments for everyone. If you have a large cohort of staff, consider putting on some fun outdoor games, such as Rounder’s or Frisbee to help break the ice.

Multi-activity day

One of the common headaches of organising a successful team building day, is trying to find an activity that suits everybody. A multi-activity day offers the perfect solution to this problem; with teams competing head-to-head in a whole range of activities, such as archery, bungee runs, cryptic quizzes, mazes, obstacle courses, and human table football, everyone is sure to find something they enjoy. Each activity also caters to different skills and abilities, giving everybody a chance to shine.

This is just a short taster of some of the great outdoor team building activities that are available out there. Before choosing an activity think carefully about the size and make up of your team, and what you want to achieve from the day – this will help you to select the right activity for your company. Whatever you decide upon, heading outdoors your annual team building activity can really help to bring your team together this summer.

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