fleet vehicle branding

Professional Vehicle Branding for Your Business

Make a great first impression with fleet vehicle branding

Branded business vans could be one of your most powerful marketing tools, helping you to reach new customers and stand out from the crowd.

When creating a marketing strategy for your business, your mind may not immediately turn to your company van – but with fleet vehicle branding, you could turn your company vehicles into one of your most powerful marketing tools.

Make an impact

If you want to make an impact with your marketing, fleet vehicle branding could offer the perfect solution. Effective marketing is all about standing out and, unlike a plain white van, a well-designed branded vehicle will stand out from the thousands of other vehicles on the road and catch the eyes of potential customers. But be sure that the impact you are making is the right one. Branding for business vans works best when it ties in with your wider marketing strategy, so think carefully about what you want to say and how you want to say it.

Grow your audience

Finding new leads is the key to growing your business, and branding your company vehicles can be a really effective way of expanding your reach. Unlike more static and restricted forms of advertising, a branded van offers you the freedom to take your key messages wherever you or your employees travel, enabling you to reach new audiences who may not have previously heard of your organisation. And with branded vehicles achieving up to 60,000 impressions every day, that’s a lot of potential customers just waiting to hear about your company.

Establish credibility

Installing fleet vehicle graphics offers the perfect opportunity to establish your credibility. People are very wary of being taken in by cowboy traders, but by including the logos of professional bodies that you are affiliated with, such as NICEIC, Trust a Trader and Gas Safe, you can position your business as one that people can trust and rely upon, making it more likely that they will feel confident in purchasing your products or services.

Protect your vehicles

Branded vehicles may be a great addition to your marketing strategy, but they can also help to protect your vehicles against the strains and stresses of the road. Vinyl wraps can help you to avoid scratches and small dents, and they can also be removed without damaging your paintwork, leaving you with a van that is in great condition. And while this may not necessarily be a part of your marketing plans, it can certainly help to save you money and improve your bottom line.

Good design

In order to get the most out of your branded vehicle wraps, it’s important to give some careful thought to the final design. This marketing medium is certainly no place for shrinking violets, and big and bold is the order of the day if you want to stand out from your competitors – after all, you want to make sure that your key messages, or at the very least your logo, are visible while you’re hurtling down the motorway at 70 miles per hour. Quality is also key. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so always hire a reputable supplier who has experience and expertise in van graphics.

Your company vehicles are not just for getting you and your workers from A to B. With a little creative flair, they could become an extremely effective marketing tool, helping you to reach new audiences, make an impact, and take your business from strength to strength.

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