How To Sell Your Static Caravan

Finding The Perfect Buyer For Your Holiday Home

If you want to sell your caravan, you can achieve a great sale price by following this guide.

There comes a time when static caravan owners consider selling up. Perhaps you want to invest in a caravan based in an entirely different park which doesn’t allow you to bring your existing holiday home with you. Maybe you’re looking to upgrade to a larger or more modern static? Or alternatively, if 2020 has had a particularly harsh impact on your finances, then you might need to cash in. Selling your static caravan can be done in a variety of ways – check out these options to determine which is the right avenue for you.

Selling Your Caravan Back To The Park

An easy way to sell your static home is to offer the unit to your existing park owner. They’ll usually make you an offer which can open the floor for negotiations. You should brace yourself for the value of your holiday home having declined quite significantly in comparison to the price you paid for it. Your initial purchase price may have included the cost of a license agreement and pitch fee, which wouldn’t be the case in the sale price. You should also bear in mind that the park will want to sell your caravan unit onto a new owner. There are always plenty of people seeking used static caravans, so the park will hope to make a profit from this arrangement.

If you feel that the price you’re being offered is unfair, then ask them to consider the condition of your caravan and any upgrades you’ve made to the unit such as double glazing. You might also be able to negotiate a better price if your static home occupies a premium pitch in the park, particularly if it’s accompanied by attractive exterior features such as a veranda.

Approaching A Caravan Dealer

If your existing park owner doesn’t wish to purchase your static home, or if you feel that you could achieve a higher price, then approaching a caravan dealer is a good option. It’s always worth getting quotes from a variety of dealers, at least four or five, to ensure that you’re achieving a great price for your static home. Once you’ve reached a deal, you’ll need to check your current licence agreement to check the costs of selling up. Typically, you can expect to be charged a disconnection and removal fee which can vary radically in price. Check the small print of your documents to find the specific figure.

Private Sale To Remain

Another option is to sell your static home privately, with a view to the unit remaining onsite, under new ownership. Your existing contract may have some restrictions on doing so, and the park owners may be rewarded with a commission on the sale price. Always check what the legalities are before you put your static home on the market, as this could impact the sale price you want to achieve.

It’s also important to provide potential buyers with precise information about applicable pitch fees and their contractual obligations. By supplying as much as possible to them, your sale is much less likely to fall through.

In terms of marketing, you might consider placing an ad on reputable websites, social media and even in local shops which tourists may frequent during a caravanning holiday. Do your homework and don’t commit to the first offer you receive without seeking advice from an experienced conveyancer.

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