How to Build a Stronger Team Going Into 2021

Giving Your Team The Best Possible Chance of Success

If you are going to get the most out of your team going into the new year, there are some key areas you should focus on.

With home working looking to be the new normal for some time yet, there are a number of things you can do to ensure that your team remains motivated and united in the coming months.

Virtual team building

A team building event may not seem like the most obvious choice now that most people are working remotely, but you can now take part in a wealth of virtual team building activities. Zing Events are one of the companies providing remote team building events that participants can enjoy from the comfort of their own desks. An event like this can leave your team feeling more motivated and creative.

Offer support

With many people set to be working from home well into 2021, it’s vital that they don’t feel neglected or forgotten by their team leaders. Every so often, make sure that you reach out and offer support to your team members. Knowing that they have the support they need will ensure that they feel valued in their role, and they will go on to really work hard and deliver as a result.

Continue to celebrate important events

It can be hard to think about celebrating when there is so much fear and uncertainty in the world. However, you should still focus on the good things in the coming months. Make sure that you take the time to celebrate company milestones, and mark occasions like employee’s birthdays. You could send someone a gift hamper or organise a virtual meet-up – as long as you make the time to celebrate!

Be adaptable

It is really important to be flexible and adaptable where you can. Remember at the start of lockdown where many workers were not only having to adjust to working at home, but juggle things like home schooling too? Try to keep an open mind now, just as you did then. Working from home can be really challenging for some, so it is vital that you give your team members some room for manoeuvre and don’t pile on the pressure.

Reward hard work

Just as you would back in the office, remember to reward hard work. If you used to do things like vote for an employee of the month or have a yearly awards ceremony, those things can still be done virtually. Having their efforts recognised by their colleagues and superiors will really make a member of staff feel valued, and they will really dedicate themselves to their job going forward.

Maintain your company ethos

Last but least, remember to remind your workers of the company’s core values. Things like a dress code cannot (and should not be!) enforced while people are working from home, but you should always encourage your team members of the workplace culture that you are keen to uphold. A team building activity can really help you to do this, so it could be a good idea to book one before the year is out.

There is no stopping you

Now that you know how to cultivate a strong team going into 2021, there is no reason why you cannot face all that the coming months have in store together. With the help of some thoughtful gestures and team building, your team members will continue to shine.

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