How The Healthcare Sector Can Benefit From Medical Transcription

Transform Your Audio Research Into Written Text

Pharma and medical companies rely on transcription services to turn dictation into meaningful written output.

The CEO of Valneva, a French pharmaceutical company, has promised to supply a minimum of 100 million doses of a potential vaccine against Covid-19. Thomas Lingelbach explained to Sky News that he expects the drug to be ready by mid-2021 at the earliest. Even though maximum resources are being piled into testing and developing the vaccine, they’re producing a drug in 10 months which would typically take 10 years. In order to successfully bring this product to market and allow it to protect the population, the pharmaceutical industry will need to be certain about the validity of the research used. This is where medical transcription is a useful part of the developmental cycle.

What Is Medical Transcription?

Voice-recorded notes, reports, focus groups and lectures which are generated by anyone working in the medical profession can be transcribed into a written format. This text is extremely useful if you wish to publish your research on a public or internal forum, or else as a way to record and improve upon your findings. By transcribing your audio, this can help you to identify gaps in your research which you can fill in by obtaining additional information.

Medical Dictation

Researchers who are working at speed on projects such as the Covid-19 vaccine, will be slowed down in their progress if they must spend additional time in typing up their findings. By dictating the results of their research and relying on quality transcription, they can share their analysis with fellow professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical fields to facilitate rapid advancement of their project. These records will often need to be kept in text format for compliance purposes to provide a document of your actions during any medical trials.

Ensure Accuracy

If you are interested in converting your audio research into text, then it’s essential that the output is accurate. Any mistakes in transcription could radically affect the integrity of the research that you generate. In the medical industry, the impact of such errors would be catastrophic. With this in mind, it’s important that pharmaceutical companies only agree to work with the top calibre of UK transcription companies. The best transcribers are well versed in the technicalities of medical transcription, including the various terminologies used. Where unfamiliar references are used in audio, quality transcribers will take the time to fill in the blanks by researching the various acronyms, drug names or medical terms that are used.

High Security

Of course, clinical trial material needs to be treated with sensitivity. This requires the need for transcription projects to be entirely confidential. If you use the internet as a means of supplying a transcriber with audio files, then these should be encrypted so that they may be uploaded or downloaded with zero risk of a data breach. When seeking an appropriate transcription services provider, you should also check the terms and conditions to ensure that copies of your audio and written output will be destroyed at the end of your transcription project.

The healthcare sector can benefit significantly from medical transcription services, but make sure you choose a reputable and experienced firm to handle your caseload.

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