Get Ready to Reopen With Remote Team Building

How to Revitalise and Reconnect With Your Team

As you get ready to open your business again, reconnect with your staff using a remote team building activity.

If you are one of the businesses looking forward to reopening after additional lockdown measures have been eased, then you’re probably wondering how best to ease your team back into their everyday roles. Remote team building can be a big help, and has been a big hit with UK businesses in recent times.

Life after lockdown

The lockdown has seen many businesses forced to shut their doors. However, the recent easing of some of the restrictions has allowed some companies to open their doors again, albeit in a very different way to which they were used to operating before. It’s been a very tumultuous time, and few leaders would expect their team members to be able to just jump back into things. That’s why you should take some time to prepare together beforehand.

Remote team building

If the coronavirus restrictions have shown one things, it’s that team building doesn’t need to be done in person. If you’re going to get the most out of your remote team building, you need to find a great provider. Zing Event, a leading team building specialist, have developed some really fun, innovative events. Anyone can participate, no matter where they are. All someone needs to join in is an internet connection and plenty of enthusiasm!


Remote team building allows you all to reconnect with each other. If you’re planning to return to the workplace in the coming weeks, it’s vital that everyone has the chance to break the ice and spend some time with each other again before you do. Working from home can be lonely for some, and the current events can really heighten anxiety and other emotions. Having the chance to have fun with their colleagues again will have everyone feeling positive and confident.

Reaffirm core values

A remote team building event is a great chance for you to reaffirm your company’s values. Team building has always been used for this, but right now it is more vital than ever to make sure that everyone shares the same vision and are aware of your company’s goals. Being away from the workplace can mean that certain values and standards have to be relaxed – and a team building event is the perfect way to remind everyone of those before they return to work.

After your team building

Team building aside, it’s important to have other measures in place before you open for business again. You’ll have to revise your existing health and safety measures, no matter now stringent they were beforehand. Make sure that everyone has enough room to maintain a safe social distance, and be sure to provide additional hand-washing facilities if possible. Ask your team members what they would like to have put in place too. This will make them feel much more confident about returning.

Ready to reopen

With the right tools, there’s no reason why you and your team can’t hit the ground running and reopen successfully. It’s hard to know what the future holds right now, but if you are all prepared, you’ll be able to handle whatever the coming months have to throw at you.

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