Get Instant Web Traffic to Your Business – Not A Trick

Get Instant Web Traffic to Your Business – Not A Trick!

No Need to Wait for Organic Search Rankings

If you’re a new business and are looking to generate immediate leads to your site, get started with a targeted PPC campaign today.

50% of UK small business owners have increased their marketing spend this year, due to business rivals enjoying better results by dedicating more resources to their digital reach. Even where SME budgets are tight when startups are getting off the ground, it pays to invest in online marketing. Showcasing your services to a digital audience is an important part of increasing your profits. But if your website is new, then it can take months before you’re receiving decent traffic numbers through organic search. Take a step back, look at your entire search engine marketing (SEM) strategy, and find room to include a targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaign so that you can start receiving web traffic to your landing pages today. Yes, today!

Understanding How PPC Works

PPC was previously all about Google, but PPC agency Essex professionals have revealed that Bing now shares 18% of the pay-per-click market, meaning that it’s important to focus on both search engines for optimal results.

A PPC campaign relies on used targeted keywords that your preferred audience are likely to type into a search engine. You’ll set a budget for your campaign and a bid rate for each set of keywords or phrases that you wish to aim for. Once triggered, your ads will be displayed in prominent positions at the top or bottom of the search page. And from there, the clicks will start rolling in, pretty much immediately. Your budget can be set with a daily limit – once you have reached a pre-determined figure, then your ads will not be displayed again until the following day when your budget kicks back in.

Making the Most of PPC With Geotargeting

There is a world of difference between a click and a lead, and it all comes down to how well you’re targeting your preferred audience. If you’re a mobile hairdresser operating in the London area, then you’re unlikely to want your ads to be displayed to those who are searching for hair appointments in the Scottish Highlands. Geotargeting ensures that your ads are reaching those who are most likely to convert into a lead or sale when they land on your sales pages.

On the other hand, not all businesses are local, so if you run an eCommerce or affiliate site, then you’ll likely be interested in attracting traffic on a more global scale. Where there are language differences, it’s possible to set up a campaign in that language, but it would be best to work with a native speaker to get the most out of this strategy.

Choosing the Right Keywords

Before you start your campaign, it’s worth spending a bit of time experimenting with keywords to ensure that you’re using terms that are likely to attract you some visitors. There are a number of keyword tools that you can use for this research – you’ll want to analyse the popularity and expense of certain phrases, and perhaps opt for more affordable longer-tail strings of words. The beauty of PPC, is that you can play around with different keyword combinations and landing pages to determine the most successful outcomes.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of using PPC to generate daily leads for your business site, is that it is easy to measure your ROI as a marketing strategy. If you’re looking to attract instant site traffic, then set up a PPC campaign with Google and Bing today and watch those leads flow in.

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