Five Things to Consider Before Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Five Things to Consider Before Choosing an Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

Are you thinking of selling your home? Make sure you choose the right estate agent in Leyton to suit your property for a less stressful experience.

Moving house is often seen as one of the most stressful life events we can go through. So how do people go about choosing the agent that they settle on, and is there any way to avoid ending up with an estate agent that makes the process more difficult?

A recent study shows people think the way to compare estate agents is through their valuation of the home, quoted selling fees, types of property sold, reviews and selling times. So are these the right things to consider, and how important are each of these factors?


Multiple valuations

The majority of people compare valuations from different estate agents in order to choose which one to use to sell the home. While this does give some idea of the price you might get for your house, it’s not always the best way to decide which company is best for you.

While a high-selling figure may sound tempting, an agent may over-value your property to get your business. This can backfire in the long-term and take longer to sell and you may end up having to drop the selling price. Achieved asking prices and selling times are generally better indicators.

Quoted selling fees

It’s likely high street estate agents will charge a percentage of the final price as their fee. This percentage can vary depending on where you live, the size of the house, market conditions and whether you are using one agent or multiple agents. Online estate agents tend to offer packages with a fixed-price upfront fee.

You can often haggle estate agent fees as they won’t want to lose your business. So, it’s important not to choose an agent based on the lowest quoted fees, and instead choose an agent you want and try to negotiate.

The types of property they’ve sold before

From the study, only a few people used this comparison to choose their estate agent, but agents with experience in selling homes similar to yours will know what your potential buyers are looking for.

A good way to start researching is to look for similar properties on the market in the area and find out which estate agents they are being marketed through. This gives you a good idea on popular estate agents in the area.

Comparing reviews of estate agents

Word of mouth is a great way to find out the best estate agents in the area. Speak to neighbours to find out their experiences of local estate agents, both from a selling and buying perspective.

Selling times

If you’re on a deadline and need to move quickly, researching an estate agents’ past selling times could be a good indicator of the estate agent to choose. Agents who value properties correctly, have a good pool of potential buyers and are able to negotiate between buyer and seller, can sell houses quickly and help the process go smoothly.

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