Embrace The Dark Kitchen Trend To Add Drama To Your Home

Go Deeper With Your Shades In Your Next Kitchen Revamp

Are you bold enough to try out a dark kitchen colour scheme? From navy blue counter-tops to velvet black cabinetry, there’s every reason to love this trend.

There’s nothing like a national lockdown to teach us what we love and hate about our homes. If you’ve been spending more time indoors recently and have decided that your kitchen needs a new look, then consider the latest trend for 2020. Dark kitchens are a great way to add drama and sophistication to your home. Follow these tips to help you get the look.

No Longer An Accent

Past kitchen designs have made use of dark tones to provide vivid accents to the room. Perhaps used in tiling, splashbacks, worktop appliances and even light switches, dark accents have been relied on as a fantastic way to add depth and contrast to an otherwise bright, white colour scheme. But dark accents are no longer sitting in the shadows, and instead are dominating today’s kitchen trends. Now you can opt for tall floor to ceiling kitchen cabinetry in bold tones, which will provide the hub of your home with plenty of drama.

Works With Natural Light

Of course, dark kitchens tend to affect the mood of your home somewhat, and if you’re already low on natural light, then this might not be the type of look to go for. An Essex windows and doors team explains that dark interiors tend to suit homes which offer plenty of natural light sources from outside as well as other areas of your home. Open plan living spaces are well suited to this design treat, as they are unlikely to feel cramped or confined by the rich colours. Similarly, if you have a kitchen extension with skylights, then the deeper shades can work really well to tone down the brightness streaming in from outside.

Any Size of Kitchen

Dark tones aren’t just suited to larger spaces though, they can certainly work well with smaller kitchens too. It’s all about getting the balance right, so you might choose dark open shelving or a deep shade of kitchen island to draw the attention of the eye without overwhelming the space entirely.

Choosing Where The Deep Shades Lie

Putting together your dark kitchen interior can be a bit of a puzzle, as you won’t want to choose navy or jet black shades for every component in your kitchen. So as not to overdo it, you can opt for a combination of shades to provide plenty of appealing balance to your home. Perhaps choose neutral walls mixed in with rich bold cabinetry and countertops. If you have children or pets who are prone to making a mess, then it can be a good idea to keep the whiter parts of your colour scheme higher up, for example in your tile selection. Bold, patterned stools and dining chairs can also add pops of colour in to mix things up and add a little interest.

Dark kitchens add plenty of style and drama to your home. They’re easy to clean and are absolutely on trend in 2020. If it’s time for a remodel, then consider going deeper with your colour palette and your new design will look simply spectacular.


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