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Corporate Multi Activity Days Build Stronger Teams

Fun Outside Of The Office Leads To Long-Term Positive Results

If you’re struggling to get the most out of your teams, then it’s time to book a team bonding day with plenty of different activities so that everyone can shine.

How efficient are the teams in your organisation? And, how important do your leaders consider their teams to be in the overall running of the business? If your company isn’t achieving its full potential, then it’s time to look at the make-up and interactions of your employees. Hiring managers often make the mistake of assessing applicants based on their individual strengths, but really, they should be focused on what a candidate could bring to the entire team.

Teams that are put together carefully and are managed well can achieve great things. Recent research conducted by Gallup suggests that teams which are managed inadequately are approximately 50% less productive, and 44% less profitable than those who are overseen properly.

These figures speak for themselves, so there’s little wonder that corporate team building events have become a popular strategy for organisations who want to strengthen their workforces. Multi activity days are one of the best ways to achieve this.

What’s Involved?

One of the benefits of attending multi activity days is the wide range of exercises and games that are on offer. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, and each of your team members is likely to find an activity that allows them to shine.

Your staff will be split into small teams of 6-8 people, and each group will compete against each other in games such as crazy golf, climbing wall, coconut shy, bungee running, or dodgeball.

The event will begin with an introduction by the compere, followed by some motivational support from a team of ‘energisers’ to get everyone in the right mindset to win! As a leader, it will be interesting for you to see the competitive spirit of your team members emerge– there may be some surprises, as that natural drive is brought to the fore.

The day will conclude with one of the teams being crowned champions of the entire day and awards will be handed out.

Benefits Of Multi Activity Days

From an employer point of view, this is the perfect type of team building event to create a bond between team members. Your staff will be so busy having fun, that they won’t focus on any strained relationships that exist back in the workplace. Team members will naturally support each other to win the specific challenges; you may even find that some of the more able members are willing to lend a helping hand or offer an alternative method of doing an activity to get the result. Without realising it, these are all qualities that can be brought back into the workplace, and once the boundaries between staff members and interdepartmental teams have been broken down, there’s no limit to what your employees will be able to achieve.

Last but not least, the buzz of spending the day outside of the office will continue long after you’ve arrived back to work. It’ll be the talk of the workplace for weeks to come, which is only a positive way to strengthen relations and keep morale at an all-time high. To invest in the future of your teams, book a multi activity day today and watch your departments become immediately stronger.

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