Bringing Your Home Comforts Outside

You’ll Want To Spend Even More Time In Your Garden

It’s one thing to have a neat and presentable garden, and another to have a comfortable one. Follow these design tips to bring your home comforts outdoors.

From gaining more vitamin D, lowering your blood pressure and alleviating stress, spending time outdoors is known to be extremely beneficial to both mind and body. Those of us with gardens have certainly been extremely grateful of them in 2020 during the lockdown. Our outdoor spaces, and the fortuitous weather we’ve experienced, have given us the chance to breathe fresh air and be at one with nature. Of course, it’s one thing to break a sweat tackling the gardening and quite another to fully enjoy lounging around outdoors. If you’re looking to create a more comfortable garden, then start by looking inside your home.

Designing Your Outdoor Floor Plan

Just as you would when you’re redesigning your internal space, begin by making a floor plan of your garden. Work out where your outdoor sofas, lounge chairs and dining furniture will fit. Then you can plan your décor accordingly.

Invest In Comfortable Seating

If your current garden sets are uncomfortable or uninviting, it’s time to do something about this. Corner sofas are a great option or you might want to upgrade to a daybed, a trend which has risen by 257% during 2020 according to Google. Lay around soaking up the rays, indulging in a cocktail or watching the birds visit your garden water bowl. Positioning your daybed next to a water feature is incredibly soothing and will help to attract wildlife too.

Accessorising Your Furniture

If you’re not ready to shell out for any new furniture, you can entirely transform your current set with some simple tricks. Add colourful, bold blankets and cushions, in patterns if you prefer, to brighten up your outdoor space. Shades such as citrus and coral are extremely popular. Whatever colour you choose, the key is to make your furniture as comfortable as possible. If you love being outdoors in the evening, but get a little cold, then wrapping yourselves up in a blanket under the stars will feel simply divine.

Think About Your Flooring

Put as much effort into your outdoor flooring choices, as you would indoors. You may have beautiful natural stone paving, but there’s nothing to stop you adding a few textiles to make your garden feel a little more homely. Decking or patios can be made more comfortable by adding a large patterned or faux sheepskin rug, as well as bean bags and pouffes to create a truly relaxed vibe. If you’re looking to update your flooring, then tiles are really on trend at the moment.

Outdoor Kitchens and Bars

If you’re spending all this time in the garden, then why not cook out there too? Today’s garden trends have advanced far beyond your basic BBQ set. Instead, you can opt for an entire outdoor kitchen or bar area to be built into your setup. From pizza ovens, to utensil shelves, optics and outdoor sinks, you can throw a fantastic garden party from your very own back yard.

When planning your comfortable garden, remember to factor in some important considerations including focal points, walkways and of course, where to store all of your gorgeous textiles and furniture when the colder weather hits. Enjoy the rest of summer!


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