Bring Your Team Together While You’re Apart

Working Well From Home

If you and your team are all working from home, working as well as you did back in the office doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The coronavirus epidemic means that almost all of us are now working from home, and that has certainly brought some challenges to companies. There are a number of ways you can maintain a strong team and boost morale, even if you aren’t working together in person.

Remote team building

One of the most effective ways of bringing your team together when you are all working from home is to all try your hand at some remote team building. Zing Events are one of the UK’s leading team building specialists, and they are bringing all of the expertise and enthusiasm behind their activities to new digital events.

Led by experts in the field and designed to get you fired up and working well together from a distance, they will help you all to retain that close bond you shared in the office. All you need is an internet connection and some enthusiasm!

Set clear goals

There’s nothing worse than just letting your employees work from home with no clear guidance or direction. Not only will you not get the same kind of results that you would in the workplace, but your team members will lack motivation and will be less inclined to go that extra mile. So set goals – both short and long term ones.

Having tasks that they need to complete within a day as well as having a long term goal in mind will keep employees focused and on track even as they work outside of the office.

Cut your team some slack

With your team members out of sight, it’s all too easy to assume that they will be working in the same way that they would have back in the workplace. However, working from home can be a challenge for a lot of people. Some are having to juggle their jobs with looking after children who are now home from school, many are tending to the needs of older, vulnerable relatives, and others may not have a dedicated office space to work from.

So be flexible where you can, and give your team members additional support if they need it.

Be sure to check in

It can be all too simple to just log on to a group chat once a day, but there needs to be a variance in communication for workers to thrive in their new roles. Be sure to take the time to check in with each member of your team individually, whether that is by a video call or over the phone.

This isn’t to say that group video chats aren’t really helpful! It’s so good for people to be be able to see their co-workers every day, and recreate that sense of being part of a team even when they aren’t all together. Just set aside time for individuals too, so they can carry on working well alongside each other.

Make a success of working from home

If you get in touch with Zing Events today, you and your team members can enjoy a bespoke team building event that’s bound to bring you all together and fill you with enthusiasm. Working from home is the new normal for now – so it’s time to make it work for everyone!

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