5 Ways Marketers Can Use Large Format Printing

Stand Out from the Crowd and Increase Brand Recognition with Large Print

Large print is a well-established marketing tool for reaching out to customers, and is as important as it has ever been in the modern age

When it comes to 21st century marketing, there is a common misconception that businesses can forget traditional methods and need only to focus on their digital presence. SEO, pay per click, content marketing and other such phrases are the watchwords.

While there is no doubt that these are important to reach out to as wide a customer base as possible in the internet age, it is important to understand that digital marketing is only one component of the marketing mix. What are termed “traditional” marketing methods, whether through printed media, face-to-face sales pitches or other approaches are as relevant as they have ever been.

The most successful marketing strategy will adopt both digital and non-digital aspects, and ensure they operate alongside one another to deliver a message that is strong, consistent and on-brand across every platform. Large Format Printing is an example of a traditional marketing approach that uses cutting edge digital technology to deliver a message like no other. Here are five applications that are becoming increasingly popular in the marketing world, and that no business should overlook.

1) Innovative materials

Businesses in the retail market in particular are growing increasingly fond of using textiles to deliver a message that, quite literally, has a softer and more organic feel to it. There are also pragmatic advantages to using textile, as it is simpler to fold, package and transport at low cost without becoming creased or damaged.

2) Bespoke interior décor

Marketing in 2018 is all about personalisation, and it applies as much to printed media as it does to clever online apps. Interior designers are never slow to pick up on new trends, and have embraced the theme of personalisation to help businesses achieve custom interior environments. Today’s large format printing technology means they can use digitally printed wallpaper, window blinds and upholstery, to name but a few examples.

3) Custom packaging

Custom packaging means smaller print runs, and this has led to an explosion in using packaging as a marketing platform. This exciting marketing opportunity was discussed at length at last November’s Packaging Day trade show, held at Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG’s Wiesloch-Walldorf plant in Germany.

4) One-pass printing

Following on from the above, the growing demand for faster turnarounds coupled with reduced costs has led to a surge in the use of single-pass printers, and they are revolutionising the sector, in terms of productivity and graphic capability.

5) Direct Mail

Direct mail is nothing new, but the use of big data to drive and target it makes it a more effective tool than it has ever been. As a consequence, response rates are far better, and by using large format printing to deliver a memorable and targeted message, marketing teams are seeing this new twist on a 20th century approach delivering better results than electronic communications. The innovative printing solutions being used will only increase as sellers seek ever more imaginative ways to engage with customers.

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