3 Traditional Marketing Methods Not to Ignore

3 Traditional Marketing Methods Not to Ignore

The old school marketing tools that really work

Digital marketing tools certainly have their advantages but these tried and tested traditional marketing methods can really help to boost your business.

Effective marketing is essential for any business that wants to grow and succeed, and the digital revolution has provided marketers and business owners with more marketing tools than ever before – from email campaigns to social media and company blogs. However, while the use of digital marketing methods has exploded dramatically in the last decade or so, that doesn’t mean that we should abandon more traditional techniques. When done well these tried and tested approaches will get results and help take your business to the next level.

Direct mail

The rise of email marketing has seen many marketing managers reject direct mail marketing in favour of digital communications, but this old school marketing tool can be surprisingly effective. These days people are drowning in digital noise so receiving something through their letterbox can be a welcome respite – it’s also a lot harder to ignore than yet another sales email in their inbox.

Direct mail promotions also enable you to target particular audiences and personalise your communications accordingly, leading to a higher level of engagement with your brand. Studies have shown that, compared to other marketing methods such as email, direct mail achieves higher levels of brand recall, faster response rates and, crucially, more purchases.

With so much to recommend it, it’s little wonder that direct mail is making something of a comeback in the marketing world.

Visual display

As humans, we are highly visual creatures, so a well-designed, eye-catching display is sure to grab the attention of potential customers. This can come in a number of different forms, including professional front-of-building signage, billboard advertising, promotional pvc banners, exhibition banners, and even branded company vehicles.

For best results always use a professional designer for any visual display and take a creative approach to ensure that your materials stand out from the crowd. For a professional result it’s also important to make sure that any signage or promotional displays are consistent with your overall brand identity.

Face to face interaction

When it comes to promoting your business and building your reputation, nothing works better than good old-fashioned face-to-face interaction. Activities such as handing out flyers and holding or exhibiting at events offer a great opportunity to tell people about your company and make a personal connection with potential customers. Meanwhile, networking at industry-related talks, seminars and conferences can help you to generate buzz and build useful business relationships.

Word of mouth is also key to building a business so make sure you’re always friendly, polite and professional in any face-to-face situation. And if a customer is happy with a service you’ve provided don’t be afraid to ask them to provide a review or testimonial – you could even offer a discount or reward for any referrals that they make.

While these traditional marketing tools can undoubtedly be highly effective, that doesn’t mean you should completely turn your back on digital marketing. The best marketing campaigns combine traditional and more modern marketing methods for a cohesive, holistic approach that can really help to boost your business.

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